Miles to go before I sleep

15 Jul

“The woods are lovely, dark, and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep..”

I had quite a long day today.. went early in the morning to the university library, stayed there until afternoon, went to clinic to check Love’s blood pressure, and from that moment till now, I’m working on a friend of ours’s machine.. He’s a PhD candidate working in the wireless technology area.. I’m just helping setting up his machine with the appropriate applications and operating system so he can start implementing his research later on.. this person is a very dear friend of Love and had supported him so much until the moment Love completed his PhD.. may Allah swt reward him with health, wealth and His blessings.. The great news today is that, when we went to the clinic, the doctor said that we Love can stop his medication, which is for me a greatgreat relief.. alhamdulillah.. Like dad, I just hate medicines.. To tell the truth, the only medicine I ever took in this 23+ years of living is paracetamol (Panadol)! and that’s it. I remembered back then when I was sixteen years old, I had the terrible fever ever and they gave me so many kinds of drugs, antibiotics and what not.. Everytime after had lunch or dinner, mom will popped those drugs in front of me, so then I started telling all kind of stories to divert her attention, then slipped those drugs into my other hand and throw them later in the sink or into the toilet.. yes, i did it allll the time.. I pray every night and day that I won’t need those medicine.. Insyallah.. Back to Love’s story, the doctor ask us to keep monitoring the blood pressure to ensure that he’s really is fine.. May Allah protect all of us always Inshallah. Actually I am not done with this post, but I have to stop now, it’s 10pm here and I got to catch some rest. See you soon.


My final semester

12 Jul

A looooooooooooooooooooong journey indeed.. Today, a new semester in my university begins for the session of 2010/2011. And for me, this is going to be my very last semester Inshallah.. Earlier in the morning today, I went to the university to register three of my final courses that I am yet to take, which are my Final Year Project (FYP) and two English subjects that are compulsory for graduating students (English for Educational Purpose and English for Occupational Purpose). I am in the Department of Computer Science by the way under the Kuliyyah of Information and Communication Technology. I haven’t spoke about my university before, have I? aw, that’s a shame because this great university I’m attending is very much worth a brag. I will post up some pictures, but if you can’t wait, go check out this from flickr and as I’m in a good mood, I’ll post some down here 🙂 I am indeed as everyone else, get pretty excited to start the semester again and attending class.. This semester I promised myself to enjoy every moment of it and do my very best in every single task given to me because I am sure I’m going to miss it when it’s over less than five months from now.

The first photo is the girls hostel.

Right there

2 Jul

“It is exactly right there. There. On top of that shelf..”

I was on my way to the north of Malaysia for a meeting when we stopped by the rest and relaxation area (R&R) in Tapah, Perak. I left everything in the car carrying only my cellphone with me and rushed to the washroom.. I put my phone on the shelf promising myself that I won’t forget it there.. carried on with my ‘business’ and whooof I went back to the car without a single thought about the poor cellphone. It didn’t even come to my mind until we passed almost 20kilometres and we are on the highway, there are no way we can get back to the place without driving for another tenths of kilometres.. I was cool anyway, maybe because I expected it? But the picture of that poor little gadget sitting clearly on top of that light brown shelf, sticks with me all day long as if it’s blaming me and screaming “among all the places in the world why on earth did you leave me in this toilet???”

Frankly, I did constantly complaining about how the phone being a total lazy baby because it started to process things so slowly and it drives me crazy. But no no nooo.. I did not purposely abandon the phone in the toilet.. 🙂

Snippets of My Life

29 Jun

I am playing around with my sister’s new cellphone and found out that it has a superb camera.. So here you go, a post on where I actually live.. After my mother passed away, we had moved from one house to another just to let the time pass us by until I finish my studies.. which is going to be in December.. Inshallah.. I am content with what we have now even though we are just renting and we know that at the end, we are going to move and find ourselves in our own real home.. I thank Allah swt for always being there with us and making things way easier than I thought it would be.. In this very place, my siblings and me call it home…

A view from the house balcony..and below is the view from the other side

of the balcony.. the city lights at night is remarkably wonderful…

I’m still alive

28 Jun

Yes, I am.. alhamdulillah.. been extremely busy these days,I even had to ignore replying SMSs, emails and calls.. I am so sorry everyone.. Many things had happened but one of the biggest is that, Love had finally passed his viva and now officially a Ph.D holder. He did so well in the viva that he seemed to amaze everyone with his well prepared presentation and very precise answers, mashallah.. Congratulations to him and he very well deserves it and many more for all his patience..

Among other not-so-happy things that happened recently is that, my father is ill due to some health issues, my baby brother S had a sprained ankle as well as my sweetheart T now is very sick  due to unknown causes. T had gone through several test and scans as well as endoscopic surgery but none gave the doctors a clue as to what he is suffering.. Please pray for them dear all..

To see my loved ones being sick is totally heart-wrenching.. I wish I have the power to heal them all – but anyhow alhamdulillah, everything has its reason and we as human should continue looking for the solution and not to ever think about giving up..

I’m going out now and i’ll be posting more soonest possible.

With love.

Please, Inspire Me.

28 May

Go now, and live.

28 May